No sound after stopping faster performances with higher set_ahead

Hi, bit of an annoying edge-case issue I’ve started having is after I’m running something fast, then I stop, I can’t play any more.

To my knowledge it occurs on MME and also WASAPI and ASIO4ALL.

A workaround is to run stop in the live_loop, much quicker than stopping with al+t, then having to restart sp.

Also, reducing the set_ahead time seems to stop the bug from occurring.
Often I have it as high as 8 to run something fast from this awesome forum.

Probably just me, if not only on windows.

Tried the latest version 8oh8 (lol) but still this weirdness persists

At first I thought the failure node not found messages in the scsynth logs correlated to the issue, but I still get them when running fast stuff then letting it fall over, or running the stop command (instead of alt+s).

Weird, or expected?
Any ways to interrogate scserver status to identify when it’s broken like this (if it’s sc) ?