New Release - v4.5.0 '808'

This release comes packed with a number of exciting new synths for you to play with. We have a new hard-hitting kick drum :gabberkick for that gabber sound and a new vintage electric piano :rhodey synth. There are also 16 new percussive synths inspired by the infamous TR 808 drum synthesiser. All the synths come with many opts for you to play with to manipulate and change the default timbres.

There are also a number of minor improvements and bug fixes as detailed below.

Have fun and get your live coded 808 on!


  • New synth: :rhodey - The sound of an electric piano from the 60’s and 70’s, producing a characteristic metallic sound for notes below :g2. Adapted for Sonic Pi from SuperCollider Code.
  • New synth :gabberkick - An aggressive Gabber synth sound adapted for Sonic Pi from SuperCollider Code
  • 16 new 808 inspired synths based on Yoshinosuke Horiuchi’s: :sc808_bassdrum, :sc808_snare, :sc808_clap, :sc808_tomlo, :sc808_tommid, :sc808_tomhi, :sc808_congalo, :sc808_congamid, :sc808_congahi, :sc808_rimshot, :sc808_claves, :sc808_maracas, :sc808_cowbell, :sc808_closed_hihat, :sc808_open_hihat, :sc808_cymbal,


  • Improve error message for invalid midi_to_hz args


  • Improvements to the Chinese, Danish, Portuguese, and Spanish translations.
  • Add native language name for Arabic


  • Fixed a regression in the error reporting - “did you mean” suggestions now work again.
  • Fix system language detection when the language is generic English


Mac - Apple Silicon (macOS 13+)
Link Sonic-Pi-for-Mac-arm64-v4-5-0.dmg
Size 126M
MD5 24d52ebb3695881c3fda10c0dbbf51e6
SHA256 3e333bbaaeed36331448eb4a7e31faf866b2c8176ab59962ba3d5d48d6dce7b0
Mac - Intel (macOS 11+)
Link Sonic-Pi-for-Intel-Mac-x64-v4-5-0.dmg
Size 163M
MD5 9f5d77d2213cf3e85d544c51ff6c72ab
SHA256 e5aee461fba113ef3e3a43ba9feb8e49bcf824e76d4aa195191c82d4ce387ab3
Windows x64 (10/110)
Link Sonic-Pi-for-Win-x64-v4-5-0.msi
Size 218M
MD5 3892e2084a1c74da3285133c6368b6cf
SHA256 4c52da5ee00c4404f267c2ae2d85607334b0f852cc2d0150548cc682108e5592

heh - I hope this isn’t being too pedantic but the famous Roland drum machine is the TR-808 (not TB). You’re getting wires crossed with the TB-303 bass synth.

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