New Release - Sonic Pi v4.4.0 - 'Sawtooth'

This release comes chock-full of new samples to play with. Firstly we have 5 new samples donated to Sonic Pi by the wonderful electric artist Arovane. These are a selection of glitchy beats recorded at 130 BPM. To best use these either use_bpm 130 or use the beat_stretch opt to make them fit seamlessly into your current BPM. They’re also wonderful to use with the onset: option for extracting individual sounds to use on their own. Thank-you so much to Arovane for letting us play with these amazing new sounds.

Continuing on the sample theme, there are also 20 new hi-hat samples. These all have a :hat_ prefix and there’s a wide variety of sounds to play with ranging from acoustic to electro to metal. They’re perfect for adding a sense of drive or groove to your tracks.

This version of Sonic Pi is also the first to support a fully native build for Apple Macs running Apple Silicon CPUs such as the M1 and M2. This means that Sonic Pi can now run on modern Mac computers without needing Rosetta to run things under emulation.


  • New looping samples contributed by the wonderful electronic artist Arovane. The new samples are: :arovane_beat_a, :arovane_beat_b, :arovane_beat_c, :arovane_beat_d, :arovane_beat_e.
  • 20 new hi-hat samples: :hat_snap, :hat_zap, :hat_cats, :hat_tap, :hat_bdu, :hat_psych, :hat_zild, :hat_zan, :hat_zgump, :hat_noiz, :hat_sci, :hat_star, :hat_gem, :hat_raw, :hat_yosh, :hat_mess, :hat_cab, :hat_gnu, :hat_hier, :hat_metal.


  • Improve text formatting of the information window that pops up with a boot error.


  • Improvements to section 8.2 of the tutorial where the code has been updated to better match the behaviour of play_pattern_timed.
  • Improved play_pattern_timed function documentation.


  • Improvements to the Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, French, Georgian, Hebrew, Indonesian, Latvian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swahili and Turkish translations.


  • Syntax and runtime errors are now correctly coloured once again - pink for runtime and blue for syntax.
  • Fix == operator when comparing maps with nil. Now returns false as expected.


Mac - Apple Silicon (macOS 13+)
Link Sonic-Pi-for-Mac-arm64-v4-4-0.dmg
Size 141M
MD5 7f0b2cc9dfb631356be91c4e87100935
SHA256 fa4020ac4c3259bbed6d456c4b0e13126fe404c1b474654bffd583335f5d0ab5
Mac - Intel (macOS 11+)
Link Sonic-Pi-for-Intel-Mac-x64-v4-4-0.dmg
Size 166M
MD5 314e140a83a1abc845925b0676890a2b
SHA256 7ed0e94cf92fdf2e8d51ee42c5f7c3478fbcef9630eb12dccf203f5e72bb517f
Windows x64 (10/11)
Link Sonic-Pi-for-Win-x64-v4-4-0.msi
Size 261M
MD5 2d7527943c145f1a37d137af9bde5c89
SHA256 bc51015840161b1f0bfe4ccaae9cc0edbbe8a9d3d45799b8b2da1feb7dfc7ca9
Raspberry Pi - 64 bit (Bullseye)
Link sonic-pi_4.4.0_1_bullseye.arm64.deb
Size 96M
MD5 ba5ef6e4c79370d9f62a94314daf3fa8
SHA256 0f0ce293470663ab23d1e5314d8256fc20ee9fc94e1f9b8235b6bd5c727a3326

Hi there ;D
Is there a small chance the latest version of Sonic pi will also be available for Manjaro or already is ?



Hi @Bogus - unfortunately I only have the resources to maintain and support Windows and macOS. For the various Linux distros we really need package maintainers to support each variant. For example, @robin.newman has provided packages for Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi in the past.

If your specific Linux distort doesn’t yet have a v4.4.0 package, you can always build it yourself using these instructions: sonic-pi/ at dev · sonic-pi-net/sonic-pi · GitHub

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Thankx for you answer Sam ;D

Have a nice Day ;D

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No problem building on Ubuntu 22.04


I hope to produce a raspberry pi (64bit) version of Sonic Pi v4.4.0 in the next few days.


I have it built on 64bit raspberry pi. Busy tomorrow, but hope to get the binary package done on Friday.
Note the present suorce code will NOT currently build on 32bit raspberry pi OS as a key component introduced after sonic pi 4.3 is not available in a 32bit version.

  1. Is there a ’ repository ’ of past versions ?

  2. Is there a ’ sample free ’ version ?
    Or a way to remove the samples .
    Hopefully to reduce the boot time .

Yep, all past versions are available on GitHub: Tags · sonic-pi-net/sonic-pi · GitHub

No there isn’t unless you build your own release. Also, note that the presence of samples does not affect boot time. All samples are lazy-loaded which means that they’re not loaded until they are needed. Therefore, if you don’t use any samples, none will be loaded into memory.

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Just out of curiosity …
What takes up the boot time ?
It is the longest of any program
I have used … ( not complaining <:^) )

Not sure - seems to vary depending on system. On my recent Mac it’s pretty snappy. On an old Windows machine it’s pretty sluggish.

It’s essentially starting a lot of subsystems and making sure they’re all started in the correct order.

Why is the Raspberry pi version so ‘small’ ? 96MB vs. 260MB using MS

That’s because of the way that Linux package managers work. Many of the dependencies for Sonic Pi are pulled into your Linux distro by the package manager whereas for Windows and macOS these need to be bundled directly into the app itself.

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