New EP Drop, Weatherwave

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The bandcamp links are in the README.

I was hanging out on r/makingvaporwave earlier this month, and some of the other producers and I were joking about making an r/weatherwave.

Now, here we are, 22 days later, and I have created the first Weatherwave EP on Sonic Pi.

You can truly call me a groundbreaker! :wink:


I am just super happy with how the completed package came out. And I thought it would be a chance to plug the new subreddit. I’m doing the CSS for it as well when I have free time.

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I tried to draw the bass out a bit with the distortion, but I realize it kind of distorts too much when you listen on headphones. I’ll do some editing on it and update the album accordingly.

Any feedback you have is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

This idea is going to be expanded into an album, once I master it.

Also, if you are interested in making your own Weatherwave, we are looking for more tracks for an r/weatherwave compilation. :slight_smile:

Edit : I Realize I cut my last song short xD hahaha. I forgot to uncomment out the original time and let it run. I was wondering why the EP was 5 mins when it should be closer to 7.