Mod_sine without low pass filter

I am creating a song using the mod_sine synth. I am using mod_sine because I want the oscillation effect, but I see in the documentation that a low pass filter is applied to the sound by default. I don’t want the low pass filter on the sound, so I am wondering if 1.) there is a way to get rid of the filter, 2.) if not, is there a sound similar to that without a low pass filter or 3.) is the raw code behind the mod_sine synth available and can I access it to edit it myself?


I believe all built-in synths have low pass filters attached. Are you able to just set the cutoff to the maximum of 130? That should effectively remove it for pretty much all audible frequencies.

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I will try this. Thank you!

If you really want to remove the filter completely, it is possible to write external synths, using SuperCollider, but it’s quite a bit more involved.
You can probably find some examples if you search in these forums, or look at the Sonic Pi source code: the SuperCollider synths/fx are here, but most of them are still in the old Overtone format, here.