Midi Loops from files

Just wanted to check to see about playing midi loops. Is there anything native in Sonic Pi to do this? I wrote a bunch of Ruby code and injected it into Sonic Pi to do something called midiloops during the summer of 2016, but, I would like to use something that was more native to Sonic Pi. Any possibilities of using a midi file as a stream using midi in? When using looping in Cakewalk I often use the midi loops instead of the audio loops because they are more flexible. Thanks!

Hi @GranddadGotMojo,

Sonic Pi doesn’t include any functionality to work with MIDI files - only MIDI events (in and out).

Whilst I personally don’t have any current plans to include support for reading/writing MIDI files, I totally thing it should be something that’s provided and maintained by an external person (perhaps yourself).

What I’d therefore love to know is what kinds of extensions/end-points/modifications I’d need to make to Sonic Pi for someone like yourself to be able to build, maintain, ship and support such an extension :slight_smile:


Today, I was experimenting with Python and MIDO to stream Midi Message into Sonic Pi, surprisingly works and easy enough for my little programming experience.



Kind of wish Sonic Pi can handle MIDI files, but then again this Midi Message IO is pretty cool. Good fun!

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