Made with FoxDot then sequenced with Sonic Pi

Wax von M. E. | Kostenlos hören auf SoundCloud

set_mixer_control! amp: 1.25, amp_slide: 4

live_loop :möp1 do

  use_random_seed (ring 5777,450000,6000, 8000,80000,50000,60000,700069,80254165,68700).tick(:sajd)
  with_fx :reverb, room: (ring 0.45, 0.125).tick(:jfa) do
    with_fx :slicer ,phase: (ring 0.25,0.125).tick(:sdke), pulse_width: 0.65 do
      #with_fx :reverb, room: (ring 0.99,0.5,0.25,0.85).tick(:kjf) do
3.times do
        sample "C:/users/user/desktop/WA/",(ring 3,4,0,1,2).choose, onset: pick, amp: 2, lpf: rrand(80,120), cutoff: 0
        sleep 0.25 #sleep sample_duration "C:/users/user/desktop/WA/",(ring 0,1,2,3).choose, onset: pick
      # end


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Nice! (Although unfortunately the code you shared isn’t super usable without the samples you created).

Could you share a little more background about what you used FoxDot for?

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Hey aaron!

i used Foxdot to compose and then i used sonic Pi as a kind of not quite random Sampler to get more variety out of it and added FX

@holz Oh! so king of you for sharing this program with me. But it is not full program can you share a little bit more. By the way i want to thank you for this hospitality. :slightly_smiling_face:

hey styrone, i am not quite sure what u mean.
FoxDot is a musical programming language like SonicPi, but with different approach and functionalities.

if u have specific questions feel free to ask