List of software to create visual via Sonic Pi using OSC

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Wouldn’t it be nice to list in this post softwares able to interprate open sound control messages sent by sonic pi (and others)

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Over the years I have used:

processing eg Frere Jaques with processing visualisation

p5.js eg Sonic Pi visualiser written in P5.js (this one also used TouchOSC as a controller) eg Sonic Pi plays musical box on

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visorlive seems to be pretty good. Do you know if we can handle jpg pictures ?
after downloading it, the help doesn’t mention OSC capabilities.

As far as I know it doesn’t have OSC support out of the box @nlb (I haven’t seen if there’s a more recent version since I downloaded it earlier this year however). My guess is that it would be a matter of writing a few lines of code into a tab to tell Visor to start listening for OSC messages, in a similar way that you would do in Processing.
As for images, no idea.
Maybe someone else has played with it a little more than I have and might know? :man_shrugging:

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Oops yes you are right. I used midi for this visualiser. However it is fairly easy to use just using midi_cc paramters. As ethan says howver since it is processing based I think you should be able to add the necessary libraries to use OSC. It hasn;t been updated for some time, but I hope there will be further improved versions. It is quite resurce hungry.
PS I’ve also used TouchViz, the companion app to ToucOSC to produce some visuals My first video effort using Sonic Pi and TouchVIZ

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Well i understand i have to type processing command into tab and then execute. I don’t know Processing at all… It’s never too late :slight_smile:
it’s a bit hard to find the good syntax and the methods… the help is not as good as that of Sonicpi
i will have a look at @robin.newman scripts.

Yes it has quite a steep learning curve. There are one or two videos of it in operation which are worth watching as you can see the code in them.