Latency from hardware synths

Hello everyone

I’m experiencing latency when I use my hardware synth. I’m sending MIDI to the synth, and getting audio back using live_audio. It turns out there is 55 ms of latency. How much latency do you people experience in the same situations?

I’m using the Roland SE-02’s built-in audio interface.

Hi @chris.krakou,

I had a Waldorf Blofeld in use and now a Makenoise 0-Coast. I haven’t measured but I guess latency is not really noticable.

  • Might be interesting to know, what OS you are using.
  • Do you also notice this latency while using a softsynth?
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Hi Martin

I haven’t worked with software synths, so I wouldn’t know. I can look into it.

I’m running sonic pi 3.1 on windows 10.

You can try e. g. Helm.

Unfortunately I don’t have any experiences with Windows; could be a driver issue. I guess you have already searched for Windows Latency. If not, there might be something worthwhile to try.

Hi @chris.krakou,

unfortunately the default audio latency on Windows is usually pretty bad. You typically need to use specific drivers for your audio card especially ASIO drivers if they exist. Do you know if your card has ASIO drivers? If not, you could try ASIO4ALL.

Unfortunately using ASIO4ALL in Sonic Pi is pretty involved at this point (you have to edit the source code). I aim to make this simpler in a future version. If you’re open to editing the source code, let me know and I’ll give you further instructions :slight_smile:

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Hi @samaaron,

I am having similar latency issues on Windows (my post). Since I prefer using my Windows machine and am open to editing source files, could you provide further instructions on how to use ASIO4ALL in Sonic Pi?


See: Crackling sounds in simple melody

hi @kevlatus,

The best thing i encourage you to do is, if you can afford, to buy an audio interface and you won’t regret it. is very good.

you will appreciate the quality even when listening to your favorite music

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thanks for this suggestion, @nlb!

As I am quite new to music creation on my computer, I thought that audio interfaces only allow me to connect various input devices. After doing quick research, I understand that those also improve overall sound quality by being more capable than common sound cards.

Did I understand this correctly? If I did, I will definitely buy one of those.

yep you plug your external audio interface via usb to your computer and then the audio go through the usb. The interface drivers will give you less latency than the motherboard sound card.
Then the audio outputs interface via jack cables to jack or jack to rca to your input audio speakers.
You will get a very good sound to listen to your music and of course better results with DAW or Sonic Pi software. You, as you say, will be able to plug microphones or instruments (guitar, bass) or external synth (as Digitone from Elektron, etc.). The price will be higher if you need interface midi ( 5 din midi ouput.)
So towards your budget and your needs, there will be an audio interface for you. ah think about checking the given software, it can be a good point to start with few dollars, euros. as example comes with Cubase and Focusrite will bring you Ableton live lite, protools lite. Enough to start and discover the MAO

great, thanks for all the details.

I decided to try out the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and may upgrade, if I feel the need for it :+1:

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cool ! i don’t know if you use a linux distribution but this interface - i have got one - works well !

I use Windows 10 (which seems to be a pain to set up with this interface), but I guess I will get it up and running

I have a 2i2 since quite a while. If I bought a new one I’d go for the 4i4 mainly because it has got Midi in/out. If you consider the Steinberg UR22 MK2 you will get Midi in/out for less than the Focusrite …


if you choose Yamaha you won’t get Ableton live lite. the yamaha offers the possibility to use an ipad

I actually went for the 4i4 last minute, because I may want to use the MIDI in the future.
And I also like the USB-C connection more on the Focusrite.

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Wow, resurrection.

When I wrote this, I was using the built-in audio interface in my synth, which may very well be the source of the latency. I was going to get an audio interface when I buy my next synth (can’t stop at just one, am I right?), but I’ll probably fetch one sooner rather than later.