Is this Bach? (in the Daft Punk work)

I happened to find this great article by Sébastien Rannou about how he analyzed and dissected the work Aerodynamic by Daft Punk and recreated it in Sonic Pi. Article here:, youtube performance here:

I’m guessing these have already been posted here but I have a question for the music experts :slight_smile:

He explains that the “funk” part is basically sampled from a Sister Sledge song, and shows how to sample it in Sonic Pi.

He then shows how to create the solo sawa effect (what he calls the solo), which sounds great, and I’m copying that part of the code here:

use_bpm 123

live_loop :solo do
  use_synth :zawa
  use_synth_defaults attack: 0.05, sustain: 0.15, release: 0.125
  phases = [
    [:D4, :Fs3, :B3, :Fs3],
    [:D4, :Gs3, :B3, :Gs3],
    [:G4, :B3, :E4, :B3],
    [:E4, :A3, :Cs4, :A3],
    [:D4, :Fs4, :B3, :Fs4],
    [:D4, :Gs4, :B3, :Gs4],
    [:G4, :B3, :E4, :B3],
    [:E4, :A3, :Cs4, :A3],
  phases.each do |notes|
    4.times do
      notes.each do |n|
        play n
        sleep 0.25

When I play this, it sounds very familiar to me… not just because I’ve heard the Daft Punk song, but it reminds me of something I’ve heard before from classical music. Is this sample from Bach?

You can hear it at about the 59 second mark in the youtube video.

I don’t think so, but sylistically it has elements of “Bachian” music in it.

My music terminology is not advanced but I’d say it sounds Baroque. It reminds me a lot of the intro to his most famous work Suite 1 in G major.

Not identical but a lot of similarities to my ear.

I agree with @robin.newman: The question of similarity to or use of stylistic devices of baroque music is probably arguable.

I think we have a chord progression marked by 2-note-arpeggio (chord indication by basic chord notes) just like in Thunderstruck.

I am not a musicology expert but I think there is not enough flesh to make a case (hope that’s understandible English).

Hi gl3nn206
I think it is a chunk from the famous Toccata and Fugue BWV 565. Deep inside the fugue, I mean, in one of the episodes or intermezzi

Great ear!!