Is there actually any linux support or ius any linux support planned?

I am a supporter but as a linux user. I am not satisfied with the actual linux support and probably will stop my support.


This may be different on other distros, but I found the build instructions HERE to works flawlessly on my Debian machines.

Hi @bitwo,

thanks for your support of Sonic Pi. Thanks to people like yourself supporting me on Patreon I have had the financial backbone to be able to continue developing and maintaining Sonic Pi independently since leaving university in Feb 2019.

However, the Patreon income is certainly not enough to live on alone so I have had to find additional sources - typically through giving talks, gigs and performances. I am only a single individual and quite a lot of my time has to go into finding and delivering this work before I can then start thinking about development and maintainance.

I therefore have to be very careful with my time in order to put in the appropriate targeted effort to ensure that things continue to work and stay rock solid.

This means that unfortunately I don’t currently have the resources to maintain Sonic Pi for all variants of Linux. Instead I have put a lot of effort into improving and documenting the build process as @Davids-Music-Lab has kindly pointed out. This is in the hope that individual maintainers will step up to support their preferred linux distro. For example @robin.newman kindly maintains the Raspberry Pi OS release. There is also a Flatpak version kindly maintained by @porras - Install Sonic Pi on Linux | Flathub

So in short, thanks so much for your generous and kind support, sorry Linux isn’t supported at a higher level and I fully understand if you wish to stop supporting.

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