Is it possible to Increase supported buffer size?


Is it possible to increase maximum buffer size through some kind of configuration?
I very quickly reached out maximum size.

I know that it’s possible to load bigger buffer through load_buffer command, but Sonic Pi has pretty amazing IDE, I’d want to keep all the development in it.

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The buffer size is limited because of the UDP based mechanism of transferring data from the buffer. Early versions of Sonic Pi explored using TCP packets for communication where the buffer size does not apply, but was dropped as it introduced timing problems.
You can use multiple buffers for larger programs as live loops and defined functions will work ok. also variables saved in the time state using set and get. I have written one or two large programs this way.
However I now mainly work in an external text editor and use run_file commands to execute the files they produce.

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Thanks for your response!

What editor do you use? Is it some Ruby IDE?

Nope I generally just use BBEdit.

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