Intro, and suggestions for simple tunes please

my name’s Brendan, based in N.I., I’ve been using music tech since Audiomulch and Ableton Live 1. I hold a PhD in interactive music techology and will shortly be teaching 11 - 14 year olds Sonic Pi.

I’d really appreciate some suggestions for simple nursery/pop/rock tunes, which I will be integrating into the scheme of work I’m currently writing. The following just came off the top of my head, any others you think might fit in?

Freres Jacques (canon), Happy Birthday To You, Love Me Tender,
Stand By Me, My Girl, Dock Of The Bay, 7 Nation Army, Come As You Are,
T. Swift Never Getting Back Together, Hallelujah . . .

Thanks for reading

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Here are a few of things I’ve created in the past, that may give you some ideas.
There are links to the code if you go through to the Soundcloud pages.

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These are great! Can’t wait to see the code, I love the guitar strumming effect you achieved.

Many thanks

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Glad you liked them :-). Here are the links to the code - some of them were written quite a while ago so hopefully they still work on the latest Sonic Pi.


The Clapton-Signe is really nice. Well done!

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Thank you, I was particularly pleased with how that came out :slight_smile:

Is there any way to follow along with your teaching experiences? I’m interested in teaching my 11 year old as well and would love to know how you approach this topic

you my find useful resources for learning in this post

The Mekackit Course is very useful as a starrting point.

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If that is at me - I’m currently working on a detailed progressive tutorial and video series, from play/sleep up to DIY functions and SC synths. It’ll take a few more months. Kind of an autodidactic exercise, and to give something back and spread the word.

Stay tooned :wink:

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And of course, Sam himself has released a number of easily accessed papers and articles on Sonic Pi in the classroom.