In protools, receive midi output of sonic pi

It outputs mdi from Sonic pi,
I want to receive it on the midi track of protools 11,
but the track signal does not respond at all and I can not perform midi recording.

The source code of sonic pi is the following contents, and quoted from what was in the reference sentence as it is.

live_loop: arp do
midi (octs: e 1, 3). tick, sustain: 0.1
sleep 0.125

I am sorry that it was vague, but if there is a person who understands the cause, please teach the solution.
Thank you

Hi there Aki
It may be because of the way you have pasted your code that it has a mistake in teh postion of the : in the first line of code. It is better to post it between two lines of three ```

live_loop :arp do
  midi (octs :e1, 3).tick, sustain: 0.1
  sleep 0.125

The code above DOES send midi output on my Sonic Pi which I am receiving in the free VMPK synth via a virtual midi port “iac driver sonic” which I have set up on my Mac. It will use every midi channel and every connected midi port. If you look at the IO preference panel in the Sonic Pi Prefs you will see a list of these. You can use port: if you want to restrict it to just one port.

Finally you should see the outgoing midi in the log window, unless you have turned off midi logging.

I suspect that your problem may be in routing the midi from Sonic Pi to ProTools. I haven’t used this (I use Ableton Live and Logic Pro). Also you don’t say what platform you are running Sonic Pi on. (Windows or Mac). You may find that the ProTools manuals gives you help in making the connection.

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Mr. robin.newman
Thank you for your reply.

As a result, I gave up midi input to protools but it took a bit of effort and I was able to input midi with the free version of sutadio one, so I could forcefully input midi to protools by exporting / importing data from there Did.

The reason why it could not be entered with protools is also not clear, but in addition to the obstacle, a plug in which the grand piano “mini grand” was reproduced also saw a problem of generating noise when hitting the keyboard Because,
It may be bad for me.

So now I am considering switching to sutadio one.

Anyway, it is comfortable to settle with thanks.

Thank you very much.

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