Ignore Active Sensing from MIDI Input?

Is there an easy way to ignore active sensing messages?
It’s probably obvious in retrospect but it sounds like some of my latency issues with the Yamaha WX-11 may come from the fact that the wind controller constantly spurts out active sensing. It sure makes things difficult to follow in the console but it might also distract Sonic Pi in other ways. The CC#2 is on top of that, and it might be a bit much to handle. But MODEP synths are very responsive in the same setup.
In MODEP, there’s a plugin which specifically strips out the active sensing. Might try it, in one way or another.

(Among many other uses, my pisound-enhanced Pi may be a very flexible and powerful MIDI filter. Already used it to convert breath control into the CC expected by the Meeblip. The cost of a MIDI Solutions box is about the same as a Raspberry Pi 3, pisound HAT, power adapter, case, and SD card. But it only does one conversion and doesn’t allow for much learning.)

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