I really must get more organised!

This morning I wanted to find a Sonic Pi piece I wrote some 5 years ago. Eventually I managed it, but not before I had looked through a lot of my resources. I hadn’t realised how many there were or how widely flung. Discarding sample folders (of which I have quite a few), my main sonic folder contains over 1700 files, and there are earlier ones on older machines eg one dated Oct 2015 with a further 885 items, let alone copious other folders with backups and selections of files.
Externally, on soundcloud I found I’d used 5 sites with a combined count of 185 uploads created by Sonic Pi. on my gist site (rbnpi) which is over 95% sonic pi stuff there are 254 posts, many containing several sonic pi files, and there are also 164 videos related to Sonic Pi on my youtube site!
No wonder it was hard to locate! It did need a bit of updating when I found it as it was written in December 2014 and some of the SP language has changed since then, but it was nice to resurrect it. Sadly there is some more of my early stuff that needs the same treatment to run in 3.2.2 One of these days I’ll dig it out and maybe do that.