How to switch off amplitude compression?

Hi, sonic pi is fun but I need to switch off the automatic amplitude compression. The Tutorial says “Sonic Pi uses what’s called a compressor to squash them all to make sure things aren’t too loud for your ears. This can often make the sound muddy and strange. So try to use low amplitudes, i.e. in the range 0 to 0.5 to avoid compression.”
First of all that seems not to be the case when using envelopes (my impression) and second I need the full range up to 1.0 to get a useful output-signal. Is there a possibility to switch off that amplitude compression?

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Hi @Pie-Fan,

Sonic Pi has a main mixer FX which is currently applied to the first two out channels on your system.

This can be controlled using the fn set_mixer_control!. See the built-in documentation for all the options that it offers.

In the specific case of the compressor, you can disable this with:

set_mixer_control! limiter_bypass: 1

Finally, please do consider supporting continued development and support of Sonic Pi on Patreon for the cost of a couple of cups of coffee a year :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much!


I really like how you keep these posts and such indexed and so that I saw this while typing a question and… this mostly answered my question about volume control or how do I equalize the out signals to have useful values. I have lots more to understand about this program and-- any more ideas about this detail would help… I seem to be at the edge of my mixers amplification abilities… –

thanks ==

Hoping it is ok to resurrect this old post from sept 2018 - I have other sites I post at that frown on the reviving of old threads more than a year old.

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