How to light the buttons on an Ableton Push 1 via MIDI?

Hi there, I am trying to program my ableton push 1 ( i don’t have the cool new one i know) and saw your documents regrading color pad programming. I am able to get sonic pi to play sound as I touch the midi, but there are no colors at all and this is a bit disheartening. I am somewhat versed in code, yet not quite enough to tinker around with this myself as detailed in your github reference as mine is not a push 2 and is a bit different. If you have any advice, please let me know!

Welcome @scr1ptk1tten!

When Robin is around, he might have more useful information - but In the mean time, in case it’s helpful in any way for you or anyone else looking into the same idea: In case you haven’t already come across it, here’s another thing that might help as a way to get Sonic Pi talking to the original Push:

(It’s quite likely that some changes might be needed to make it work with the latest version of Sonic Pi, since it was built a few years ago now. Even so, it might be worth it :slight_smile: )

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Hi @scr1ptk1tten,

One thing to note is that typically MIDI devices can actually be two separate MIDI interfaces in one physical box - MIDI in and MIDI out. This can actually be a bit confusing when you get started.

It’s therefore likely that the pressing of the buttons is processed by the MIDI out part of the device which is sending MIDI events to Sonic Pi which by the sounds of it you’re handling and turning into sounds - wooh!

It’s also likely that the illumination of the LEDs within the buttons (including colour choice) is handled by the MIDI in part of the device and you’ll need to send specific MIDI messages to it to tell it which LEDs to illuminate and in which colour. Unfortunately there’s no standards about how this might work and each device can and does behave differently - so it will require you to look up the MIDI api of your device and work with that. Saying that, there’s a very good chance that the repo that Ethan linked to might contain some of that work which you can read and copy into your project :slight_smile:

(Note that I have edited the title of your post so that it clearly describes your question so that hopefully either others will be able to pitch in suggestions or eventually benefit from any future answers).

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Hi there.
I wrote a control program for a push 2 device using Sonic Pi some time ago in 2018 which appears at Sonic Pi 3.1 and Ableton Push2
I don;t know anything about push 1 but the article might be helpful, particularly in conjunction with the ethancrawford post containing a link to a push 1 project above.

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@ethancrawford @samaaron @robbie.newman

Thank you all for this information and for the help, it is greatly appreciated! It means more than I can express to me, and the many other users out there to know and see how involved you are in helping us all learn. These are the tools of the future, and you helping us to understand how to use them will facilitate even greater magnitudes of incredible creation to be birthed from everything sonic pi allows users to put together.

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