How to embed external players?

Is there a way to embed an external sound player? I’m using and they have an iframe based player, but I can’t find any way to have it show up in my post.
(Sorry if this has been asked a million times, didn’t find it using site search.)

You can use Soundcloud, dropbox itou

How do you embed it?

In soundcloud look for share then copy paste the html here or the URL. I will look tomorrow if needed. See you

I don’t know about, but SoundCloud shows up if you put the link on its own line. I assume that’s what you’re asking about.



becomes the following:

I have my recordings on too, and did unfortunately not manage to embed tracks from there. I think SoundCloud and both use IFrames, but I was not able to figure out why one is supported while the other is not (something Discord-specific?). I would also love to share recordings here by embedding them instead of just linking.

Hi folks,

If I’m reading things correctly, I think discourse has an “allowed iframes” setting that allows us to whitelist iframes from certain website domains, which would mean we could add and others - and then you would paste the iframe embedding code here to make it show their audio player.
@samaaron what say you?

I believe that iframe embedding should now be enabled for :slight_smile:

Test to embed IFrame as provided by TheFutureFM. The track should appear here:

Does not work in the preview…
And also not after saving…


Sorry, I’m not quite sure what to do. Could you just post a link?

Here is the embed code provided by TheFutureFM:

<iframe width="100%" height="165" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allow="autoplay" src=""></iframe>

You find the track here:

That’s a shame, I thought it was going to be a nice easy new feature :frowning:

Embedding from TheFutureFM works now (with IFrames)! See this data sonification thread for an example.

Thanks a lot for activating this feature!


Thank you for your quick response!

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