How to break sonic pi? 😉

Fixed… :no_mouth:

Just copy & paste this code into your sonic pi:

with_fx :bitcrusher do
  with_fx  :panslicer do
    play 62
    sleep 0.3
    play 64
    sleep 0.3
    play 65
    sleep 0.3
    play 67
    sleep 0.3
    play 64
    sleep 0.5
    play 60
    sleep 0.3
    play 62
end 😎

@Babushka - I’ve taken the liberty of editing your example slightly, to add nice syntax highlighting and indentation to the code. You do this by wrapping your code with some extra lines (one before and one after the code) that both have three backticks ``` on them :slight_smile:

Tanks! Didn’t know that

Hi @Babushka,

welcome to our community :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your code and I’m sorry you’re having issues with it. It looks completely fine to me and worked when I ran it locally on a Windows machine.

Could you explain in more detail how it doesn’t work for you? What goes wrong?

Thanks - and hopefully we can get to the bottom of your issue soon…

Hi Sam!
The thing was that when I have put an emoji in the code it crashed the first time. However it isn’t crashing any more :thinking:
So I guess maybe there is no problem. (I wanted to delete this post but couldn’t)