How (not) to adress pupils to enroll for a Sonic Pi Workshop

Just to share my experience …

As every year we/the school I work for/ organise a Topic-Week, where we offer One-Week Workshops to our 7.-9. class pupils (150). A Workshop can be realised, if at least 12 participants choose it. I was so shure, that this would be no problem for my Workshop “Proramming Music - from Punchcards to Sounddesign” . But I just got 12 admissions, the minimum! … I was really disapointed … :neutral_face: :sleepy: :frowning_face:

Now 2 days later, I think my title and description were too much for the kids, they couldn’t catch from the description, what it will be about, what expiriences they will make …

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That’s too bad =( Thankfully you still got enough to get it going.

Having had to help out with signups and communication for summer and after-school programs and activities, both organized by the school district and some from outside vendors, I have noticed that the title and description make a big difference. Sometimes we got some really fun, specific titles + description and for other classes we got some that didn’t quite explain what was going to happen and were a bit too general. We definitely got more interest and signups for the straightforward descriptions and far less for the others, with many more questions from parents for clarification about the activities, and that was only because they knew what kinds of things their children would be interested in.

Although, maybe with a small group you’ll get to really hone the workshop and then maybe you’ll get some nice feedback and ideas you can use next time.

I just had a workshop yesterday and the title like introduction to sonification: creating noise with sonic pi and time series data. I think always about creating a few titles and check with some friends what is the most attractive. Maybe you could hook them with something they like. Maybe try to list all learnings of the workshop and then pick some other things that could also benefit them.

Some examples:
Learn how to code with music.
Creating music from code.
Understanding programming loops with a programming.
Crash course to become a developer DJ :slight_smile:

Sometimes the problem is not either with the title but with the actual audience. Don’t worry and don’t give up! More audience without too much interest will not make it better too!

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Thanks for your Input. I like the “Crash course to become a developer DJ” … it rings the bells somewhere … Musical Evolution: from DJ to CJ - the CodeJokey

In German it sounds cool too: “Crashkurs zum CJ”

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Thanks for your replay. Well - I love to work with small groups :wink: but if there would be more, I could choose who can participate and shape a functioning team.

still … most times I feel in tune with the pupils I work with, then one day I just don’t get it. They do or choose completely different, than I expected. Mostly I think it is manipulation between youths: one peer-leader chooses and his friends and then “all” do what he did. — SO, the next time I have to shape my prey to catch a few Influencers first :wink:

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