Hi. Looking to create an Audio Synced Light Projector

Hi, I’m Tim. I’m a developer. My brother and his wife are expecting their first and I’m trying to win the coolest uncle game title right out of the gates. so I had this overly ambitious idea.

At a work code share session one of the developers on our team demoed a project they had been working on with Sonic Pi and I thought it was fascinating.

I wanted to create some sort of projector that would cast colored lights on a ceiling corresponding with notes in a programable song. Think a child’s mobile, meets ceiling projector, meets laser light show.

but you know… simple… :smile:

I know I’m trying to take a big bite here, but that’s kind of how I roll. I have experience with Arduino and Raspberry Pi’s and competently fluent in a couple of programming language, so the code writing portion doesn’t really intimidate me.

Wondering if anyone had worked on a similar project, or could point me in the direction of something that rings a bell. I’m super excited to work with and support this community.


Here’s the code for a recent project I did to drive the Pihut Christmas triee from Sonic Pi. (This is the new colour version)

previously I did a similar project for the monochrome version.

I hav also done several other projects on driving led displays from the Raspberry Pi, including PiBorg’s TroPI board, and a hack of the lightshowpi project to work with Sonic Pi.

Note if you want to use a Pi4, you will need to build your own Sonic Pi on it, as the current version contained on Raspbian doesn’t support MIDI or OSC.
You can of course use a Pi3 or earlier with Sonic Pi 3.0.1 with the earlier projects here.

Thanks @robin.newman! I’m getting cracking on this tonight.