Hardstyle Synths in Sonic Pi?

So, I have my drums down, and now that I have my Hardstyle Drum pack, I’m about to release a torrent of insanely fast Speedcore/Terrorcore/Extratone songs. However, there is one thing hold me back.

I have been looking up tutorials on how to get hardstyle leads from songs like this or this, but it looks like there is no discussion of the actual sound design or process. It’s just “use this effect on this synth to get this sound”, which doesn’t exactly help me when I need to design the sound myself. haha.

anyways, anyone here have experience with synths like this that could give me some tips on how to get that awesome “hardsytle” synth sound down?

Thank you soooooo much in advance!


I reckon it just a harsher version of what this guy is doing using a supersaw - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mz14T5n2k_s

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Ok. Very cool. I’ll have to watch that in a bit more detail when I sit down tonight, but you are right, that sound is what I am looking for. I think if I was to distort it, Layer it, and do some pitch shifting on it, I could get a workable sound! Thank you for the lead!

One of the major reasons there’s not much discussion about sound design here is that Sonic Pi doesn’t really give you more tools than basic additive and subtractive synthesis using the existing synths and FX.

If this doesn’t give you the timbre you’re looking for then you will need to take a look at designing your own sounds in SuperCollider which is a whole world unto its own :slight_smile: Still, if you do design something cool, you can easily trigger it in Sonic Pi and I would also strongly encourage you to contribute it back to the project so we can share it with everyone else :slight_smile:

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Oh yeah! that was actually going to be my next step, was trying to pick up Super Collider. I feel like I am reaching the threshold of everything I can do “out of box” with sonic pi, so I’m interested in expanding out.

Another idea I want to broach soon, in another thread, would be making VR instruments. VRChat just opened up OSC control, and I’ve seen people running DJ shows in VRChat using in game mixers, so I would love to build a “vaporwave board” in VRC that i can load up with function from sonic pi that play samples the way I want to, and perform “live” in vr.

I have a lot of big plans on the horizon. :thinking:

I haven’t gotten to explore this much because I got commissioned to work on a nightcore song for someone, so I haven’t had my focus on this. But I will report back with my findings when I do.