Github master branch stale

Hi I tried to do a git pull from sonic-pi github repository just to notice that refs/head/master is gone. Checking with the browser I can see a “main” branch now instead of “master”. Any reason for this change?

Hi, yes, we’ve changed master to main:

This is simply to use terminology that is more reflective of the purpose of the “main branch”.

Master also has negative connotations wrt masters and slaves which we can easily avoid with this change.


seems to me a bit “ridiculous”, “tiré par les cheveux”
In midi you got master and slaves hosts. In git master is significant to everybody.

@nlb that may be very much your personal opinion but it’s not the opinion of everybody and certainly not reflective of our diverse and friendly community.

Please be aware that there are many people with differing yet equally valid views and I welcome them all.

When a simple change is possible that removes any connotations to potential negative concepts, that’s definitely a change worth making in my view.


ok so we will have to change many tutorials on the web :slight_smile:

Seems that ridiculous is stronger in English than in French.

So you were right :wink: