Garageband : assign a midi channel number to a track?


is it possible ? I’m a newbie on macos and want to use sonic pi with Garage band ? A little help needed to set up midi number channel to each track ?
thanks for your help macos users !

Take a look at the docstring for use_midi_defaults. This will let you set a specific MIDI port and/or channel for each thread/live_loop.

For example:

use_midi_defaults channel: 1
midi :c1, sustain: 0.1 # will be sent on channel 1 only 

hi @samaaron

thanks but i’m aware of this syntax :slight_smile:
The question is about in garageband : can we set up a midi channel per track ?

Oh, sorry, can’t help you there. Perhaps someone else here is familiar with Garageband.

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after some researches it seems this garageband “free” software is a bit limited (or it’s me :slight_smile: )
it listens to all midi channels and a track can’t be associated to a specific number.
If macusers can confirm, it would be great. Some workarounds seem to be possible with playing midi cc signals…
So people goes to Logic ? and pay for ? Apple my Love… Users considered as some “vaches à lait” as we say in France.