Free Sample Libraries.... whats out there


This is a community maintained list of sources for samples. If you have something to add, please do! (Just click ‘Edit’ and make your contribution.) Comments and discussion also welcomed in the thread, but we’ll try to keep this first post up-to-date with good resources.


Three sample sources from me… (orchestra instruments) (orchestral instruments) (a wide range of different sample types)


@Eli - what a great idea! This kind of resource would probably be better maintained as a wiki page, which this forum supports. An example on this forum is the SonicPi Online Resources thread, which was converted to a wiki page and thus editable by any user. Would you mind if I converted the “Free Sample Libraries” thread to a wiki page so anyone can add to it ?


Be my guest. I’d learn howto myself… but I just installed
Ableton Live and Helm this evening, and I’m feeling overwhelmed
(a lot)… I think I’m all out of learning-how–juice right now. :slight_smile:



I know the feeling Eli. I have recently started with Live, an Arturia MatrixBrute and Helm. There’s just so many possibilities…