Fix intellisense / autocomplete issue

Hi, I’m wondering if we can fix an issue, if it’s reproducible…

I’ve just defined an alias/helper method for sample-loading, and whilst adding arguments for use_sample_bpm I noticed it behaves differently, with no indication in SP_Editor that the num_beats option exists (unless reviewing the help documentation)

working as expected example (if you type the command the values and options are available to select, eg :ambi_choir and amp: :+1:

sample :ambi_choir, amp: 1

Not working as expected (num_beats option not listed)
use_sample_bpm :ambi_choir, num_beats: 1

Is this just me, or just windows, or on all platforms?
Also, is it quite simple to fix this?
I have qt setup as per build instructions, but still need to setup other tools, and also not sure how to step through or debug this, or locate related files and lines in codestack…

Sincerely Appreciate any insights available!


Also for edutainment and critique, here’s v1 of my helper

def ls(s,sleep=1,beats=1) #loadsample
  sam = s
  use_sample_bpm sam, num_beats: beats
  use_sample_bpm sam
  sample sam, amp: 1
  sample sam
  sleep sleep

usage example

live_loop :l2 do
  ls :loop_tabla,2