Autocomplete on load_sample would be useful no?


when we type sample we have the list of internal samples proposed.
Is it possible to implement this with the load_sample instruction ? it would be convenient :slight_smile:

Hi @nlb,

load_sample autocompletes for me and has been a feature since v2.1. Is this not working for you? Which version/OS are you having issues?

yes itโ€™s strange. I canโ€™t reproduce right now the issue. And on spi 3.2.2 ubuntu it works.
So i will check next week and give you some feedbacks. it was on windows 10, spi 3.2.2.
If i am alone, consider this caduque :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

We can destroy this silly post :slight_smile: who wrote this ? :slight_smile:

of course it works with load_sample. I was probably typing something like that

mySampleVariable = 

and wait to get the samples listed. maybe we could have this list if we type : but the conflict with note names :c3 will happen.

So itโ€™s up to you moderators but you can delete this post.