First track, ambiant polyrhythm and awful singing: you've been served ;)

Hey, just managed my first track (with Sonic Pi but also ever), posted it on Soundcloud in case anyone wanna give a listen.

Honestly I did a better job with the cover in 30mn than with the track in 3 days :laughing: I’m learning…

I’m not too sure about posting the code because:

  • It’s a real mess because I was testing a sort-of-lib and changing it as I worked on the track
  • There’s no sound engineer goody in there. No microtones, no fabulous beat, just a baby experiment
  • The most interesting part would be the lib I’m building and I’m currently reworking it.

Nevertheless if someone’s interested I’m post my… eeh… over 300 lines of dirty, dirty code :joy:

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very nice atmosphere!! (I love the ryhmic sequences :grinning:), bravo! :hugs:

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I love this. The vocal reminded me of White Noise - An Electrical Storm. Check it out if you’ve not heard it. I think you’ll find much to like.

Great track. Outsider music at its best.

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Thanks for the compliments, and the recommandation! I’m learning a lot :star_struck: