Fast FX response from OSC input, can it be done?

Hi there, I’m very new to SonicPi, but love it already, thanks to everyone that has made this possible!

I’m trying to get a snappy control over an FX parameter, using TouchOSC.
For some reason, I can’t make it as smooth as I would like.

For example, I’ve modified Robin.Newman his example from Test OSC Control program for Sonic Pi and replaced the Reverb with a RLPF.

Now if I run this, using TouchOSC on the same PC, and I drag te slider quickly for some time, the filter responds to it, but with a big delay. The cue log is flooded with messages from the OSC data coming in, and this keeps going even after I release the slider.

Now my question is , am I doing something wrong, or is this due to an inherent limitation in the way you use ‘sync’ to wait for incoming messages?

I hope my question is clear, if not, please let me know :slight_smile:

many thanks,


I just tried the same thing from TouchOSC on my iPad, and this seems to be much smoother ?!

Would the Windows version of TouchOSC be the problem here?

That’s quite an old example of mine that you’ve tried. I played with a fresh from scratch one tonight which works very fast. That was with touch OSC (latest version) and latest sonic pi running on a macbookpro.
I’ll look at it further on Mac and Windows tomorrow and on ipad and then publish it.

Example controls synth selection, pan setting transpose and reverb.

are you using latest TouchOSC or MkI?

I’ve created a new example which I have running on my Mac with TouchOSC on the same machine. You can download it and try it from

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Hi Robin, thanks for the reply! I tried your new example and it gives the same result on my new (really fast) Windows 11 laptop (Running SonicPi 4.4.0 and TouchOSC

On my old 2014 MacBook though, it works fine :\
However, when controlling the Windows PC from the Mac, the problem appears again.

So I’m guessing it has to do with the scheduling in windows?

I’ve made a video to demonstrate the issue:

Thanks for any help!


How are your machines connected to your local network? By WiFi or by ethernet cable?

You will get best results if they are connected by cable or failing that at least one isa connected by cable.

Hello Robin,

in this case, both laptops were on wifi. But I’m more concerned about the slowness when running SonicPi and TouchOSC on the same PC… Then there is no ‘real’ network transfer taking place.

Just got around to trying it on a 4yr old Windows 10 PC. Not quite as slick as my MBP running native silicon version of SP but works OK and responds pretty quickly and smoothly.

EDIT here is a link to a video of the program in action

Hm, that looks much smoother than on my PC indeed :\ Thanks for testing!
I’ll try it a different PC too.