Upcoming input device for Sonic Pi

I’ve been working on developing a TouchOSC input for Sonic Pi featuring an 8x8 grid for inputting notes, laid out similarly to an Ableton Push2 device. The screen enables recording of sequences and their playback. You can record at a slow tempo and play back at a faster one if you like. You can change the key signature, and also utilise a two tempo metronome to aid recording input. You can play a second part whilst the first recorded one is playing, eg to play a round. I’ve finished the main screen shown below, and am now working on setting up the permanent recording of the data to a text file. This is working fine, and I just need to produce a second input screen, so that TouchOSC can control the saving and reloading of data files.
Hopefully it will all be completed later this week.

In the meantime, here is a sequence I recorded this afternoon


Hi Robin,

this does indeed sound very interesting and your teaser made me very curious about things to come. If only I had a tablet… or does that fit on my phone (1080x1920 px)?

I’ve designed it phone size. Although easier to use on tablet. Saving screen now done. Final testing and tweaking to do.