Drum loop as sample

Can I make a kick drum loop in Sonic Pi, and set it as a variable using kick_loop = [drum loop] ? So every time I do sample kick_loop it plays the entire loop?



you should look at the cue system in the doc

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cue is a good option.

It’s fine to use variables to stand in for symbols (things that begin with :) e.g.

my_sample = :loop_amen
sample my_sample

If you wanted to condense the whole thing down a bit you can also try using a function:

# define here is Sonic Pi specific and the recommended way for functions
# def ... is the Ruby way but that isn't guaranteed to work in future versions
define :my_sample do
    sample :loop_amen

my_sample # plays the sample

Technically though, you can use a lambda for this too:

my_sample = lambda { sample :loop_amen }
&my_sample # should work
my_sample.call # should work
my_sample() # should work I think

Hope those help. If not, let me know some more details and we can figure out what will work best for you.

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