Dev version from github on 18.04.05


As i am an aventurier, i try to install the next version from sources on ubuntu 18.04.05 via branch dev
and i get

nlb@devbox:~/audio/spi_dev/app$ cd build
nlb@devbox:~/audio/spi_dev/app/build$ cmake --build . --config Release
Scanning dependencies of target sonic-pi-api
[  0%] Building CXX object api/CMakeFiles/sonic-pi-api.dir/src/sonicpi_api.cpp.o
[  1%] Building CXX object api/CMakeFiles/sonic-pi-api.dir/src/string_utils.cpp.o
[  1%] Building CXX object api/CMakeFiles/sonic-pi-api.dir/src/file_utils.cpp.o
[  1%] Building C object api/CMakeFiles/sonic-pi-api.dir/__/external/TLSF-2.4.6/src/tlsf.c.o
[  2%] Building CXX object api/CMakeFiles/sonic-pi-api.dir/src/osc/osc_handler.cpp.o
[  2%] Building CXX object api/CMakeFiles/sonic-pi-api.dir/src/osc/osc_sender.cpp.o
[  3%] Building CXX object api/CMakeFiles/sonic-pi-api.dir/src/osc/osc_server.cpp.o
[  3%] Building CXX object api/CMakeFiles/sonic-pi-api.dir/src/osc/tcp_osc_server.cpp.o
[  3%] Building CXX object api/CMakeFiles/sonic-pi-api.dir/src/osc/udp_osc_server.cpp.o
[  4%] Building CXX object api/CMakeFiles/sonic-pi-api.dir/src/audio/audio_processor.cpp.o
[  4%] Linking CXX static library libsonic-pi-api.a
[  4%] Built target sonic-pi-api
Scanning dependencies of target api-tests
[  4%] Building CXX object api-tests/CMakeFiles/api-tests.dir/__/api/src/sonicpi_api.test.cpp.o
[  4%] Building CXX object api-tests/CMakeFiles/api-tests.dir/main.cpp.o
[  5%] Linking CXX executable api-tests
[  5%] Built target api-tests
Scanning dependencies of target QScintilla_autogen
[  6%] Automatic MOC for target QScintilla
[  6%] Built target QScintilla_autogen
Scanning dependencies of target QScintilla
[  6%] Building CXX object gui/qt/QScintilla-2.12.1/CMakeFiles/QScintilla.dir/QScintilla_autogen/mocs_compilation.cpp.o
In file included from /home/nlb/audio/spi_dev/app/gui/qt/QScintilla-2.12.1/src/Qsci/qsciabstractapis.h:28:0,
                 from /home/nlb/audio/spi_dev/app/build/gui/qt/QScintilla-2.12.1/QScintilla_autogen/ISEGTZBSTW/moc_qsciabstractapis.cpp:9,
                 from /home/nlb/audio/spi_dev/app/build/gui/qt/QScintilla-2.12.1/QScintilla_autogen/mocs_compilation.cpp:2:
/home/nlb/audio/spi_dev/app/gui/qt/QScintilla-2.12.1/src/Qsci/qsciglobal.h:33:2: error: #error "Qt v5.11.0 or later is required"
 #error "Qt v5.11.0 or later is required"
gui/qt/QScintilla-2.12.1/CMakeFiles/QScintilla.dir/build.make:62: recipe for target 'gui/qt/QScintilla-2.12.1/CMakeFiles/QScintilla.dir/QScintilla_autogen/mocs_compilation.cpp.o' failed
make[2]: *** [gui/qt/QScintilla-2.12.1/CMakeFiles/QScintilla.dir/QScintilla_autogen/mocs_compilation.cpp.o] Error 1
CMakeFiles/Makefile2:307: recipe for target 'gui/qt/QScintilla-2.12.1/CMakeFiles/QScintilla.dir/all' failed
make[1]: *** [gui/qt/QScintilla-2.12.1/CMakeFiles/QScintilla.dir/all] Error 2
Makefile:83: recipe for target 'all' failed
make: *** [all] Error 2

if someone got some ideas or maybe it can be usefull to developpers to show there is a version issue.

I think 18.04 may be a bit old for the latest dev version. for example Ubuntu 20.04 has qt5.14.2 now. It is a version under development and not fully documented yet. The new Previously the main branch included developments. Now they are separated off to dev.

Ok @robin.newman. I will try later.
I delete my post about this version from the current version not to add confusion.

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I have built 3.4dev (usual qt gui) on Ubuntu 20.04 running on a Pi4 this morning. Just ran the included scripts. It also builds the vc package, which requires some extra packages (prompted for) and an environmental variable to be set on certain platforms. This is used by the alternative sample gui, although this doesn’t work presently on a Pi. You can disable this build to speed up the process.

what does it call like this ?

The source is downloaded by the pre-build script, patched and compiled. It is used in the upgraded build process.
see here

ok but what the vc letters means ?

so i have tried on ubuntu 20.04.02

and i get this

[ 87%] Building CXX object gui/qt/CMakeFiles/sonic-pi.dir/sonic-pi_autogen/mocs_compilation.cpp.o
[ 88%] Building CXX object gui/qt/CMakeFiles/sonic-pi.dir/widgets/infowidget.cpp.o
[ 88%] Building CXX object gui/qt/CMakeFiles/sonic-pi.dir/widgets/settingswidget.cpp.o
[ 89%] Building CXX object gui/qt/CMakeFiles/sonic-pi.dir/mainwindow.cpp.o
/home/nlb/audio/spi_dev/app/gui/qt/mainwindow.cpp: In member function ‚Äėvoid MainWindow::createToolBar()‚Äô:
/home/nlb/audio/spi_dev/app/gui/qt/mainwindow.cpp:2919:22: error: ‚Äėclass QActionGroup‚Äô has no member named ‚ÄėsetExclusionPolicy‚Äô
 2919 |     langActionGroup->setExclusionPolicy(QActionGroup::ExclusionPolicy::Exclusive);
      |                      ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
/home/nlb/audio/spi_dev/app/gui/qt/mainwindow.cpp:2919:55: error: ‚ÄėQActionGroup::ExclusionPolicy‚Äô has not been declared
 2919 |     langActionGroup->setExclusionPolicy(QActionGroup::ExclusionPolicy::Exclusive);
      |                                                       ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
make[2]: *** [gui/qt/CMakeFiles/sonic-pi.dir/build.make:3467 : gui/qt/CMakeFiles/sonic-pi.dir/mainwindow.cpp.o] Erreur 1
make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:253 : gui/qt/CMakeFiles/sonic-pi.dir/all] Erreur 2
make: *** [Makefile:84 : all] Erreur 2
cmake version 3.16.3

If you have an idea let me know but i think wisely wait for the next official release and let the developpers develop :slight_smile:

This probably indicates that your system is using an incorrect version of Qt - best to check that everything lines up with the dependencies mentioned here:

So on Ubuntu 20.04.02, i followed this sonic-pi/ at dev · sonic-pi-net/sonic-pi · GitHub and i get that error :

Package Qt5 was not found in the pkg-config search path.
Perhaps you should add the directory containing `Qt5.pc'
to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable
No package 'Qt5' found


The error is generated from the linux-prebuild becuase it cant find lrelease. This is pointed to by qtconcurrent, but also make sure that you have qttools5-dev-tools installed using sudo apt install. Hopefully that will then run OK.