Daw free from PreSonus

Hi there,
Are there users of this software ?

It could be a good free software for young people to link with sonic pi.

If yes some feedbacks would be appreciated. Stability ?

I do have Studio One 5 installed to use with my PreSonus AR16c, but I haven’t yet needed to do more with it than fire it up to verify that it installed and works ok.

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Not come across this, so I gave it a quick install. Personally I found it rather confusing. Even the installation of the bits seemed a bit haphazard, and there wasn’t much indication of how to get going. Had a brief play, but decided it wasn’t for me.

thanks @robin.newman Have you tried this : MPC Beats another free starter software ?

I haven’t but I’ve downloaded it, and first impressions are it looks a lot more friendly to get into, with better tutorials.