Data Sonification Code Resource

Came across this newsletter about Data Sonification: Loud Numbers • Buttondown

They recently posted a resource of ways to work with data in Sonic Pi:

Worth checking out if you have any interest in incorporating data into your creative process…


Hi There:
Want to thank you for your continuous help in SP.
I learned a lot from your video tutorials.Would be
interested if you launch a course on Sonic Pi via
Udemy. Thanks a lot for your guidance.

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Thank you so much. I always appreciate knowing that people are benefiting from those tutorials. Helps keep me motivated.

Ive certainly thought about doing some type of course. I don’t know if Udemy would be the right fit for me. I’d prefer to do something more independent or even in house here through the forum. Some way that is beneficial to maintaining and growing the Sonic Pi community.

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