Control FX; *very* nice glitchy triplets

Spending too much time with Sonic Pi recently (is that even possible?!), and I stumbled across this really pleasing triplet-feel glitch effect, using a very short delay time and the control method (to randomly turn FX on and off, as you do).

It generates random short rhythmic bursts of percussive noise or KS string notes, with occasional short delays.


/control fx params; synth-swap; triplets/

with_fx :echo, phase: 0.0625, decay: 4 do |ctl|
  live_loop :synNoiz do
    control ctl, mix: knit(0,8, 1,2).shuffle.choose
    syn = [:cnoise, :pluck].choose
    use_synth syn
    use_synth_defaults release: rrand(0.08, 0.01), cutoff: rrand(40,120)
    play scale(48-12, :minor_pentatonic, num_octaves: 3).choose,
      pan: rdist(0.25) if spread(4, 5).choose
    sleep 0.125


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(change the scale to chromatic and it kinda sounds like Olaf Rupp, for all the guitarists out there)