Help tweaking fx to recreate a sound

Hello all, new to SonicPi and making music in general. I was listening to this mix from Amelie Lens and noticed a cool sound like 3 hits on a snare or hihat. Thought I would try to recreate it in SonicPi, I think I am close to recreating it but I can’t quite get there.

Here is what I have so far:

use_bpm 130

live_loop :metro do
  sleep 1

with_fx :reverb do
  live_loop :beat, sync: :metro do
    sample :bd_klub
    sleep 1

live_loop :hihat, sync: :metro do
  ##| stop
  # Make the whole loop take 2 beat
  hihatSleep = 0.125
  loopSleep = 2 - (3 * hihatSleep)
  3.times do
    sample :drum_snare_soft, attack: 0, release: hihatSleep, amp: 0.5
    sleep hihatSleep
  sleep loopSleep

I was curious if anyone might be able to help with what fx I need to apply to the snares to more closely match the version in the youtube mix?

Hi matey,

There’s several tricks that would do it … rpitch is the first
that comes to mind.

But in this case, I think a simple hi pass filter will sort out the
actual sound…

  sample :drum_snare_soft, attack: 0, release: hihatSleep, amp: 0.5, hpf: 100

Next you need to work on the pattern of the sound, I dont think it’s quite the
same, but I’ll leave that for you. :slight_smile:


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Thanks! I did not realize there was an hpf opt on samples. I was playing with the :hpf and :rhpf fx but wasn’t able to get it quite right.

The pattern is definitely off, still trying to work that out. I pulled the audio from the video so I am going to try slowing it down to see if I can figure out what I am missing. Thanks again for the help :smiley: