Can't Open Sonic Pi 3.1.0... Error


Can’t open Sonic Pi 3.1.0 after recently updated my Macbook. It’s giving me this error. I figure the issue is on account of me updating my computer as it was running smoothly about a week ago.

Here’s the bootup error printout:

Sonic Pi Boot Error Report


System Information

  • Sonic Pi version: 3.1.0

  • OS: macOS 10.13



[GUI] - Detecting port numbers...

[GUI] - GUI OSC listen port 4558

[GUI] - port: 4558 [OK]

[GUI] - Server OSC listen port 4557

[GUI] - port: 4557 [OK]

[GUI] - Server incoming OSC cues port 4559

[GUI] - port: 4559 [OK]

[GUI] - Scsynth port 4556

[GUI] - port: 4556 [OK]

[GUI] - Server OSC out port 4558

[GUI] - GUI OSC out port 4557

[GUI] - Scsynth send port 4556

[GUI] - Erlang router port 4560

[GUI] - port: 4560 [Not Available]

[GUI] - OSC MIDI out port 4561

[GUI] - port: 4561 [Not Available]

[GUI] - OSC MIDI in port 4562

[GUI] - port: 4562 [OK]

[GUI] - Init script completed

[GUI] - using default editor colours

[GUI] - launching Sonic Pi Server:

[GUI] - starting UDP OSC Server on port 4558...

[GUI] - UDP OSC Server ready and listening

[GUI] - Ruby server pid registered: 73664

[GUI] - waiting for Sonic Pi Server to boot...


[GUI] - Sonic Pi Server failed to start with this error message:

> Port unavailable: 4560, is scsynth already running?

[GUI] - UDP OSC Server no longer listening


[GUI] - Critical error! Could not boot Sonic Pi Server.

[GUI] - stopping UDP OSC Server...

Server Errors


Server Output


Sonic Pi server booting...

Using protocol: udp

Detecting port numbers...

Send port: 4558

Listen port: 4557

- OK

Scsynth port: 4556

- OK

Scsynth send port: 4556

- OK

OSC cues port: 4559

- OK

Erlang port: 4560

Port 4560 unavailable. Perhaps Sonic Pi is already running?

Scsynth Output


Process Log


Clearing pids: ["72353"]

Clearing [72353]

-- command /Applications/Sonic --enable-frozen-string-literal -E utf-8 /Applications/Sonic -u 4557 4558 4556 4556 4559 4560 4561 4562

-- removing /var/folders/q0/cdnhfmcx67qgtr_0m6ym4y040000gn/T/sonic-pi-pids/72353

-- unable to get ProcTable info for: 72353

-- process: 72353 not running

Finished clearing pids

Started [73664] [-] /Applications/Sonic --enable-frozen-string-literal -E utf-8 /Applications/Sonic -u 4557 4558 4556 4556 4559 4560 4561 4562 [-] /var/folders/q0/cdnhfmcx67qgtr_0m6ym4y040000gn/T/sonic-pi-pids/73664


Hi there,

it’s the nuclear option, but easiest - could you reboot your Mac and try again?


That worked. Thanks again.


This is becoming a bit annoying as I can only boot Sonic Pi after resetting my computer. Any time I close down the program I have to reset my computer again before I can open up the program again. I’ll be okay until this gets fixed, I just have to be careful not to close the program once I open it.


Sorry to hear this, but unfortunately it’s not something I can replicate locally and you’re the only case I’m aware where this happens every time you stop Sonic Pi.

I therefore don’t have sufficient information to start to figure out what to fix and how to fix it.

How are you stopping Sonic Pi?


I’m running it on a macbook with latest operating system. Turning Sonic Pi off by clicking the red “x” in the upper left corner of the window.


Very strange, sorry you’re having issues.

I just started and stopped v3.1 of Sonic Pi 5 times in a row (using the red “x”) and it worked flawlessly. I’m also using the latest macOS 10.14.

Did this only start working with 10.14 or did you have this issue previously?


The issue started on 10.14 as far as I know.