Bonjour / Hi from Montreal

Bonjour hi all,

I’m Paul from France but have been living in Montreal for quite a bit now; applied mathematics is my main groove.

I’m newish to SonicPi, I have been practicing for a couple of month. I really enjoy SP’s OSC communication capabilities and have been using it to interface an EEG device through Python and OSC.

Here is some creation I made with SP, an EEG device and a midi controler to adjust some parameters on the fly. The brain waves “control” (influence would be a better word) chord progression, cuttofs and some other parameters. You can probably ear some annoying micro delay between arpeggios - due to the fact that I did not know about the get method and was using sync method at that time - thus SP was waiting for Python to send an OSC message every now and then.

I look forward to interact with that awesome community!


Hi Paul. Interesting topic. Always good to see new sensor inputs applied to Sonic Pi. python and OSC is a cool way to enable this, which I use myself quite a bit. I liked the sound track.