Beginning Help with OSC to different machines


I am able to run the following program when I send OSC to localhost, but when I try to split the code so that a different machine is receiving on the same network nothing happens? Both machines are Macs Monterey 12.1, the receiving OSC from external machine was checked off and the firewall was off.

#Machine 1
use_osc "", 4560
use_synth :prophet

live_loop :send do
  n = rrand_i(:c4, :c6)
  d = 1
  v = 0.5
  osc "/play",n,d,v
  sleep d
#Machine 2
live_loop :receive do
  n,d,v = sync "/osc*/play"
  play n, release: d, amp: v

@gsaraydarian - which version of Sonic Pi are you using?
(Also, I’ve taken the liberty of formatting your code - if you enclose it with a line before and after that both have three backticks on them ``` the code receives nice indenting and colour highlighting).

Thank you so much! I was wondering how to format that. I’m using 3.3.1

When you say “receiving OSC from external machine was checked off” - do you mean the box was not ticked? Both checkboxes in the networking preferences area need to be ticked on in order for the remote OSC to work…

Both boxes were checked in the networking preferences area.

Would you be willing to send us the contents of the Sonic Pi log files through a ticket on our GitHub issues page? They’re found at ~/.sonic-pi/log

Will do, thanks so much!

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