Bass drum and mixing


I was working on some code and I find difficult to get the right mixing.
Some loop will get to too loud or I can’t control the bass drum to get a ‘powerfull’ kick.
I only have experience with a mixboard with an easy plugandplay approach.

I try to avoid the samples because I like to write to whole thing.
My intuition is that it is basic sound design or soudmixing knowledge, the problem is that even if I spent listening a youtube video I end up with knowledge about an other more mainstream software.

So how do you approach this problem?

Hi, one thing you could do is to try using a :level FX within each live loop:

live_loop :foo do
  with_fx :level, amp: 0.5 do
    # amplitude from code here will all be at 0.5

live_loop :bar do
  with_fx :level, amp: 2 do
    # amptitude from code here will be doubled

Then try changing the independent amp: opt settings for each live loop to adjust the mix.

Once you get confident with that, you might try swapping out :level for :compressor which will dynamically change the volume (letting quiet things through and reducing the volume of loud things).

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