Arduino interface to sonic pi

Hi, I have loaded sonic pi on rasberry pi 4 and connected arduino leonardo via usb to the pi.
Th arduino is setup to play midi notes.
Its not showing in the sonic pi and Im not sure what to do to get this to play with sonic pi on rasberry.
Please can someone help.

thank you.

Hi, welcome to our forums :slight_smile:

Unfortunately things are not currently amazing with the Raspberry Pi due to a number of funding and structural issues that happened over the past few years. This may be useful reading:

It should also be noted that @robin.newman recently put a lot of work in and offered the Raspberry Pi Foundation a fully-tested binary release (supporting OSC and MIDI) ready to roll out in Raspbian and they refused:

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@robin.newman where can we get your deb package ? i could test on a rpi4 right now and make your work useful :slight_smile:

I think I’ll wait until 3.2.1 is released. It has significant improvements especially for a Pi with lower memory as some significant memory leaks have been patched. I don’t think this will be too long.


Hi and thanks for the quick response Sam, its a great application, so what your saying basically at this stage I cant use it with arduino midi.

There’s no issue with using any MIDI device - including the arduino MIDI.

The issue is specifically with Sonic Pi’s MIDI support on Raspberry Pi. The last official release for that platform was v3.0.1. MIDI works just fine on that. Unfortunately no subsequent release supports MIDI at this stage and if you have a Pi4 there appears to be no option to run older versions of Sonic Pi other than their own broken release.

You can of course use a PC, Mac or compile Sonic Pi yourself on a Pi if you’re feeling adventurous.

I have sonic pi running on the pi, i just cant see the arduino which is connected via usb and not getting midi signals to it.

Yes, that is because Sonic Pi on a RP4 was not released by me and the MIDI functionality is sadly broken. You either need to use an older Pi running Stretch or use a PC or Mac.

any chance this will be remedied?

@wro Please read this post I linked to above: MIDI out on RPI4

I am going to try and make a video today showing how to build Sonic Pi 3.2 on a Raspberry Pi 4 this afternoon. With recent developments this is now a relatively easy process.

Also as has been mentioned elsewhere on in-thread, I do have a deb file that will install it with a simple double click onto Rasbian Buster. However I am delaying making this available until version 3.2.1 is released, as it addresses a memory leak problem in Sonic Pi which could impinge on Raspberry Pi with limited memory.

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that will be awesome

yes for sure that will be awesome but please understand that @robin.newman do all that fantastic job as a hobby. So please be patient :slight_smile: