(another) USB Headphone issue (Raspberry Pi 5)

Hi everyone ! The subject is clear, here are the details :slight_smile:

Problem : Sounds from Sonic Pi goes to the HDMI screen instead of my USB Headphones (while Chromium could use my headphones to play music with any onther software).

What I did, always be sure that Sonic Pi is shutdown before every change :
Disable the HDMI sound port right clicking the headphone icon and change the settings. Before : The sound of a classic play 60 pop of the screen’s speakers
After : No sound at all.

Sonic Pi version 4.5.1, Raspbian OS based on Debian 12 on Raspberry Pi 5

If you have question to help you to help me, I’ll be glad to answer it /o/

The Pi 5 does not have a built in audio jack so you have to use a usb adapter if you want such an output as you are doinbg although in some cases hdmi monitors have a headphone jack and you can use that. The method of choosing the output audio is also different for sonic pi on a pi5 because it uses pipewire to rout audio o output. Take a look at a video I nade on the subject. This may help You can find it here The Chromium browser uses a different mechanism for audio and can be routed by right clicking the speaker icon on the top menu bar, but for sonic pi the easiset way is to use a graphical program QPWGRAPH to select the audio route,

Wonderful world of free and open source software XD
I’ll see your video and I’ll tell you if it works, thanks :smiley:

Hey, you know what ? It works and the is now a big smile on my face :3 Thanks a lot !

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Glod you got it going.