Alt+R not working in Danish language version

Hi everybody!
I’m juust getting started with Sonic Pi and I’m already really liking what I’m experiencing. One thing that gets me a bit hung up though, is the Alt-R function not working in the Danish language version on Windows.

The Alt+R command is taken by the in-program shortcut to go to ‘edit’ in the top-bar ‘file-menu’ - edit is called ‘Rediger’ in Danish, and i’m guessing that this shortcut takes priority?

My ideal fix would be to just be able to choose language for the program, it does not make a lot of sense to have the programming language using English terms, and the application environment in Danish. Any ideas for a workaround for this?
(I’m aware of the issue taken up in this thread: Alt-R not working but I think the issue being with the Danish translation of Sonic Pi makes it a little different).

What an annoying issue :confused: sorry about that.
Presently there is no simple way to change the language for Sonic Pi. It would definitely be much more user-friendly if there was. Some work was intended towards this idea, but it has so far not progressed. As far as I can tell, this was the beginning of the idea:

The most recent discussion around this appears to be here:

Hi Ethan! Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

It is a pretty basic function of the program, as I can tell, so it is quite unfortunate. I wonder if this is only an issue on windows, as a mac’s alt+r probably doesn’t have that type of shortcut already taken.

It also makes me wonder if I’m really the only Danish person using Sonic Pi on a Windows machine, since this has not come up before.

AND lastly, what really makes it a bit strange is that my language version of Win10 is actually in english, so i guess Pi looks a region/country to set the language? Perhaps I can get around the issue somehow by tricking Pi to think I’m not on a Danish-language machine?