A Sonic-Pi VST plugin? (alla VCV Rack 2 Pro)

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Recently, VCV Rack 2 was released. I paid for the Pro version, which includes VST instrument and audio fx plugins. The ability to build my own instruments is a bit of a conceptual game-changer for my music. It’s gotten me thinking: what if Sonic-Pi was also offered as VST plugins, perhaps to paying users?

Currently, the use I personally would have for a Sonic-Pi plugin is for building my own MIDI sequencers. My previous projects have explored algorithmic polyphonic textures. For that reason, I would love and happily pay for a Sonic-Pi MIDI fx plugin.

If it would make development, QA, and maintenance any easier, I believe that a MIDI fx plugin would only have to retain parts of the MIDI library. The symbolic logic is enough to give new meaning to “functional harmony”.

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An interesting idea to be sure!

I’ll add it as a card on our ‘feature wishlist’ :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hurray, thank you for considering it! :smiley:

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No promises :wink: but it does sound like an interesting idea :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok, added!

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