A longer performance by Sonic Pi, Live 10 and MatrixBrute

Sonic Pi 3 sends midi to Matrix Brute, and a clock signal to control the Sequencer, The sequencer sends midi to Live 10, plus audio. The midi is fed to Aria VST and plays pizzicato strings. The Audio is fed to a second channel, and the volume settings of both channels are cross faded controlled by OSC messages from Sonic Pi received with the TouchOSC Max for Live Connection Kit module. Midi control messages from Sonic Pi control two macro Knobs on teh MatrixBrute and adjust the filter settings. The mixed audio from Live 10 is fed back to Sonic Pi as a live_audio feed, where reverb is applied and an overall level setting is applied. Using this Sonic Pi fades in the sound as the program starts and fades it out 240

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