Sonic PI 4.5 controlling Ableton Live 12

I recently upgraded to Live 12 and spent some time with it. I had a play this evening with using Sonic Pi 4.5 as a controller and found it to be very versatile using the LIve Mx OSC controller for TouchOISC which works just as well with Sonic Pi. Using this I hooked up 5 controls in the synth I was using and also an auto-pan module. I also controlled the tempo using live-link from Sonic Pi keeping everything in sync. The audio from Live was fed back into Sonic Pi (I used loopback for the routing) where it was further processed and recorded within Sonic Pi.
The notes were based on two different minor_pentatonic scales each running in a separate live_loop and employing sensity functions. Some osc signals were sent from these loops as well as the notes midi values. Separate live_loops with different timings sent other osc control signals. An automatic fade (in Sonic PI) faded and stopped the piece.

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