3D panning or ways to emulate it?

Hi everyone! Something I have always wanted to do is to mess around with creating stereo sound that is not just left to right but in arbitrary positions x, y, z so it feels like you’re in a real space (I don’t mean reverb/greverb). Here is a quick demo of what I mean: LST | 3D Sound Demo - YouTube

In that demo you can hear the different locations that’s not just left/right. Is there any way we could emulate 3D panning that’s not just left/right? I feel like musicians don’t really explore using interesting panning effects beyond left and right, so I’m very curious on whatever techniques are available in the current version of Sonic Pi. Or, if this is not feasible, maybe it could a future FX?!

This is always an interesting subject. I use Ableton and it has a variety of Max4Live plugins that do this. You could send midi cc from SPi to manage position etc.

I also use Eurorack and there are a few modules on the market that do quad/5.1 etc. One of the earliest Quad performers is Suzanne Ciani with her Buchla synth. There are two recent videos on her approach. The first is an interview with demo here.

The second considers how to use Quad in four different types of system DAW, Eurorack, VCVRack and Dawless. Any of these could give you some insight into how you might be able to adapt approaches.

Hope some of that helps.

Looking forward to hearing about other solutions as well!

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(There are probably new solutions for this now. I’m not up to date.)

If you wanna route stuff to Ableton then it’s pretty easy, but expensive since you need the hardware.

I was at a workshop some years ago where we worked with a 3d sphere of sound.
8 Speakers setup in a circle around us with a Focusrite 18i20 soundcard.

We used E4L
As I recall you could download it from https://maxforlive.com/ back then, but it’s not there anymore.
Now it’s on GitHub - EnvelopSound/EnvelopForLive: Free, open-source tools for Ambisonic 3D panning within Max for Live 10+


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