Using sonic-pi-tool command line extension

Hello all,

If anyone is familiar with the command line tool written in rust, sonic-pi-tool. I haven’t been able to connect to the server while sonic-pi’s GUI isn’t running. These are the errors I’m recieving from `sonic-pi-tool’

Using protocol: udp
This is Sonic Pi v2.10 running on linux with ruby api 2.5.0.
Sonic Pi Server successfully booted.
Connection refused - send(2)
["/usr/lib/sonic-pi/server/sonicpi/lib/sonicpi/osc/udp_client.rb:33:in `send'", "/usr/lib/sonic-pi/server/sonicpi/lib/sonicpi/osc/udp_client.rb:33:in `send'", "/usr/lib/sonic-pi/server/bin/sonic-pi-server.rb:340:in `block in <main>'"]

From the page on GitHub, the tool should work without the GUI running and these errors aren’t helpful to me, was wondering if they said something I didn’t understand.

I’m a bit familiar with the tool (I ported it to Python here). I think the error might be because there is nothing to receive the log messages that are usually displayed in the GUI. Try starting a log server with: sonic-pi-tool logs before starting up the Sonic Pi headless server and see if that helps.


Thanks for the advice! Works as I expected it to now.

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