Updated Sonic Pi Alarm Clock running on TouchOSC

A recent post about my Sonic Pi musical clock together with the recent release of a new version of Hexler’s TouchOSC got me thinking about combining the two to produce a new version which now also includes full alarm clock facilities. I have various versions of the interface in TouchOSC, but recently have worked on one which works on the official Raspberry Pi Touch Screen. I have one of these with a Pi 3B+ attached and was able to run TouchOSC and Sonic Pi 3.3.1 together on it. It will also work on other versions of Linux or on a Mac or PC desktop, as both Sonic Pi and TouchOSC are available for all these platforms. YOU can download and try out TouchOSC, although if you want to keep using it you should purchase a licence which is valid for all platforms for a single user.

The software is availalbe on my github site and there is also a short video showing the clock running on a Mac here

There is also a tweet showing it running on the Pi3B+ here